CASON Engineering Plc has been a significant participant of both the domestic and the international natural gas market since 1999. Thanks to our innovative development and production capabilities, we provide the latest telecommunications measurement remote data collection equipment and complex systems to the participants of the international energy sector. In addition to applications in the energy market, we have been present with our cathodic protection, oil and product pipeline monitoring, fleet and workforce management, and laboratory analysis systems for over a decade.

We provide a wide range of data collection and network monitoring technology solutions to the participants of the domestic and the international energy market. The custom data collection solutions and services support the daily logistics, sales and purchasing activities of natural gas and electric power supply and distribution, and gas storage companies with a proper documentation and reporting system. We offer loss reduction applications to large electric power providers, with which they can reduce their losses emerging in the course of supply and distribution. 

We have been chosen as a system provider and service partner by our customers due to our highly reliable DIWICON based solutions.  DIWICON based synchronized measurement makes the precise evaluation and analysis of the emerging commercial and supply losses possible.

We provide value-added services with application packages fitting their unique business activity to companies involved in road, water and railway transport and maintaining fleets. Based on our experience of a decade in vehicle tracking, our HiROT system is capable of monitoring the technical parameters of vehicles and the road parameters, including the load area and the cargo, in real time, it is capable of sending alerts, and reports can be generated, send promptly based on its automated process management. Our self-developed devices are built using parts with high availability and high reliability. Reliable and long-lasting operation is guaranteed by further strict testing and quality control processes.

One of the sources of our traditional branch of business and professional experience is automation related to the operation of oil and product pipelines. CASON is one of the major participants of the domestic oil chemical market, in which it implements customized solutions using technologies of its own and of third parties.

The laboratory branch of CASON produces and sales high-tech laboratory devices that are widely suitable for the analysis of the chemical composition of liquids and solid materials.

ISO certificates:

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Company history

CASON Engineering Plc was established in 1999 as a company owned in 100% by the Hungarian management. The private persons establishing the company had worked together in ROFA Hungary Ltd, which can be considered the predecessor of CASON, and where along the sales, calibration and servicing of laboratory quality control devices, the area of hydrocarbon industrial automation was gradually built up and became dominant. The strengthening of this branch of business served as a medium for the establishment of CASON Engineering Plc.

From the beginning of the 2000s, the core activity became the development, production and installation of automation, data collection and processing systems belonging to high-capacity delivery lines in the oil and gas industry. The first major automation project was the establishment of the leakage detection, product tracking and excise accounting system for the oil and product pipelines of MOL Plc in 1995. In 2000, CASON Engineering Plc was given a National Innovation Award along with MOL Plc. 

From 2001, we have been constantly developing new products based on the demands of our customers, from which, the DIWICON product family emerged as a composition of industry practice and the innovative solutions of our company. In 2004, our DIWICON product family received an Innovation Award.

The other major hydrocarbon branch of our company is built around gas industrial data collection that exploits the modernity and modularity of the DIWICON technology and its integration capabilities with IT systems. Our Gas Management system was developed in 2005.

From 2008, over half of the revenue of our Company has been originating from foreign orders, which also made an investment in a new production hall necessary due to the increased demand for our devices. This is when CASON Engineering Plc became permanently capable of export, and currently, over 50% of its turnover originates from foreign orders.

The products of our company can be found at many places around the world, our Customers include the largest international energy companies and major logistics companies. We have independent offices, representation in several countries.

CASON Engineering Plc has performed successfully in multiple tenders of the European Union, with which tenders the Company could further strengthen its Research & Development activities. We are able to provide efficient and competitive alternatives with our products in the international market using our solutions developed with tender support.

From 2014, CASON Engineering Plc raised its capital, during which DBH Group became the majority owner of the Company. The new majority owner and the new management provides the required stability to the Company for its future technical developments and international expansion.

Our mission

Our mission is to become an independent partner of energy distribution companies in the field of data collection and processing by making industrial and business content widely accessible.

We would like to contribute to the business success of our customers with our developments and services.




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Case studies


DW 256 GL Data collection and communication device
The DW 256 GL is a device developed basically for the collection of impulse based consumption data of quantity measuring devices and remote data communication. The device processes the signals of gas consumption measuring devices (plate-casing, membrane, rotary piston, turbine-driven) and the sensors connected to them. The device has individual power supply, which ensures a high level of autonomy and multiple years of operation without maintenance. The consumption data are read automatically from the field measuring instruments by the device; they are stored in its memory, and then transmitted to the central database through a GPRS communication channel. Further information
DW 256 GEx Explosion-proof field data data collection and communication device
The DW 256 GEx is a device developed basically for the collection of data of gas industrial quantity measuring devices and correctors, and remote data communication. The device is capable of connecting to gas consumption measuring devices (plate-casing, membrane, rotary piston, turbine-driven) through an impulse input, and to gas industrial correctors through a serial line connection. The device has individual power supply, which ensures a high level of autonomy and multiple years of operation without maintenance. The consumption data are read automatically from the field measuring instruments by the device, stored in its memory, and then transmitted to the central database through a GPRS communication channel. Further information
DW 728 LGR Data collection and communication device
The DW 728 LGR is an autonomously operating monitoring device implementing field data collection and remote data transmission functions, which is widely applicable for the performance of data collection, registration and monitoring tasks of stations operating in a typically potentially explosive natural gas, natural oil or pharmaceutical area.
By employing the device, the analog and digital signals received from the field sensors, as technological and consumption data, can be logged in a high resolution, viewed on the integrated display, and sent to the dedicated central application. The integrated bus system renders the device capable of local communication with other devices as well. Further information
DW 116 Fb Micro-consumption digital pressure transmitter family
The DW 116 FB is a front-membrane piezoresistive pressure transmitter, which makes high-resolution measurement and accuracy possible. The device is a pressure transmitter with a field bus connection and low energy consumption that can be used in a universal wide pressure range. The compact explosion-proof design makes it an ideal device for applications in gas industrial systems. Further information

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Software development


In addition to hardware development, the development of the software ensuring the comfortable use of our devices also forms an integral part of our product portfolio. Our systems are modularized, which makes it possible to deploy the application in the required depth for our partners. Even data collection deployments from direct communication with the hardware, through SCADA integration, up to the implementation of integration with an independent application or ERP can be realized. Our solutions communicate using interfaces implemented based on industry standards, and may be integrated into enterprise software environments. Our basic advantage over similar companies is exactly that we are capable of covering the solution in its entirety, not just partially.

We employ waterfall and agile methodologies in our application development, based on the nature of the actual task to be performed.

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