Regional Partners

Gasab Projects Co., W.L.L.

Doha – Qatar

Cason as our strategic partner - Technology as one of our divisions

CASON Plc is a producer and supplier of products and technologies for wide area industrial systems. Its core business is specialized in wide area industrial system communication with its main activities being development, manufacturing, and sales of specialized hardware devices. The company is also engaged in industrial data communication products; measurement and process control products; design, installation, and operation of industrial process control, data communication and information systems. The strength of CASON is meeting the demands of clients with a high level of quality as well as the flexibility which is guaranteed due to the constant research and development in production to create tailor-made solutions for clients.

CASON's presence: France, Hungary, Japan, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia, Ukraine, UK.

And through Gasab Projects as their Regional Partner, Cason covered the GCC areas; Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman including Yemen.


The DIWICON technology is an assortment of hardware products and software modules offering the full range of functions for data acquisition and control needs of complex industrial and business systems spread over large geographic areas.

Metering Solutions

In partnership with Cason, we provide solutions from smart grid metering to intelligent heating controls. Our expertise is spread over the entire energy stream, from generation to final consumption.

AMI - Smart metering

We  provide a complete and cutting edge solution for Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects. Our solutions have been designed to comply with the special requirements of liberalized energy markets.
With our multi-utility solutions metering data of electricity, gas or even water networks can be managed for both residential and for industrial consumers.

DIWICON-G - Gas Applications

DIWICON-G flexibly meets the challenges of the gas industry. It can easily exchange data between the gas market participants while supporting nomination and allocation functions as commonly prescribed by legal regulations.
All of our DIWICON-G field products are explosion-proof ATEX certified and are easy to implement with cost effective investment and low operation costs. No power supply or wired communication networks are required.

DIWICON-E - Electricity Applications

Remote monitoring of electrical industral systems. Today’s energy challenges include the liberalization of the electric energy market and the promotion of conscious consumer behavior.
With DIWICON-E, we offer efficient solutions for real time remote measurement data aquisition, energy balance management, and evaluation of energy production and consumption.
DIWICON-E can be applied to all elements of high voltage networks including power plants, substations, large capacity consumers and utility offices.  The data from an arbitrary number of consumers in various geographic locations can be consolidated and managed in a standardized energy management resources system.

Fleet Management & Security Solutions

In partnership with Cason, we provide precise real- time positioning on street level maps with driver identification, provides accurate reports and tools for trip logs, employee work time and fleet utilization.

The goal of fleet monitoring and mobile workforce management service is to increase the corporate efficiency. Administering, controlling, and tracking the activities that a company performs away from its home base is a complex process that requires significant resources.

DIWICON-M - Mobile products

Managing and optimizing the work of service vehicles and personnel. The Mobile Workforce Management service and the DIWICON-M products and technologies offer a modern and multifaceted solution for companies interested in improving the efficiency of their mobile activities.
But the DIWICON-M solution is not only a fleet monitoring system, it is also a real-time workforce management system, which optimally operates and manages mobile fleets.  The Personal & Security tracking system gives real-time mobile monitoring services for lone worker protection and personnel security.